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DC Sweet Potato Cake

DC Sweet Potato Cake is a growing manufacturer of baked goods that is located in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. It is known for its legendary DC Sweet Potato Cake. The story started in 1988, when Baker Laurine Helen Lowery mailed her son, Derek Lowery, an age-old family recipe for a rich, moist cake made of fresh sweet potatoes. A decade later, Derek began baking and selling cakes from his car in and around the DC area with the sweet potato cake serving as its most popular dessert. Because of the cake’s popularity in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, Derek moved into a commercial kitchen that would keep up with demand.  As the company started to grow, it experienced bumps and bruises that tried to set the company back. Derek decided that the company needed a re-start and a new approach to growing, so April N. Richardson Esq. the company’s Lawyer was asked to join the company as an Owner and President due to her savvy leadership, ability to build teams, turn around companies and because of her no-nonsense approach to getting things done.  The first order of business for April was to rename the cake to “The DC Sweet Potato Cake” because of the origin in which it’s baked and where the majority of its fanfare was.  

When April joined DC Sweet Potato Cake, the company was on the verge of an eviction; the financial market was in turmoil and many companies were permanently closing. Ms. Richardson made it her business to save the company from closing.  Early on, April met with the DC team and promised them that within 6 months to a year the company would be in a much healthier position. She promised her team that she would bring on national clients and true to her word, in less than a year she brought on the Wegmans grocery chain, The Honey Baked Ham stores and multiple restaurants.

At the end of 2014, she again brought her team together and promised that 2015 would be the biggest year yet. The entire DC team worked tirelessly around the clock to implement the growth plan and as a result, a partnership with Starbucks was formed. DC Sweet Potato Cake grew its business to include hotels, restaurants and national retailers. DC Sweet Potato Cake’s continued success relies on the support of family, friends, old and new customers who believe in the beauty of the DC Sweet Potato Cake and the experience that it brings. DC Sweet Potato Cake’s mission says it all- “It’s Simple, We Bake, We Love, We Inspire”.

April N. Richardson Esq

President & Co-Founder

Derek Lowrey


Debbie Wilson


Carlos Mays

Head Baker