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Thankful for the SBUX Family and Customers

I’m having a cup of tea @starbucks at the SBUX location that started my company’s journey. I sit in quiet and look at how far DC Sweet Potato Cake has come since debuting in SBUX stores back in March. To see people buy our cake with a cup of coffee is humbling. I sat in this store in Lanham, MD back in March thinking why couldn’t I be in business with one of the most powerful companies in America. And I saw no reason  why I couldn’t. While walking in SBUX, the door reads “Coffee Brings People Together” and in short, it does. I am thankful for the SBUX family and customers who have taken a chance on a small company like ours. So grateful… #DCSweetPotatoCake #Starbucks #sbux

We Made A Mess!

We made a MESS while baking our famous Sweet Potato PIES at @MessHall. DC’s most amazing kitchen incubator. We baked over 400 Sweet Potato Pies in one shift. We are killing the sweet potato game.

Taste of DC

DC Sweet Potato “serves” cake at the Taste of DC. We gave away over 1,000 samples to DC foodies. Our sweet potato lovers came and met us at the Taste! They showed up and showed out. They came from Baltimore to Stafford Virginia. They knew our product from Wegmans, Starbucks, Nordstrom, MGM Roast Beef, Peace and a Cup of Joe, Torries and Ben’s Next Door. But wait…even the team that kicked our butts in kickball supported us. #WeGotFriends #DCSweetPotatoCake

We’ve Moved

We moved our cake production into DC and we love being in the city! We joined the Mess Hall team!!! The people, the scene, the food movement and the support. While we build our new retail location in the Arts District in Hyattsville, you can order online and still get your delectables delivered to your door. Hey! Prince George’s County, no worries, we will be back in early Spring 2016……DC, no worries, we won’t leave you. Hmmmmm……. here’s an idea…… how about 2 bakery locations in our two favorite places. What do you think??????

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