April Richardson

Thankful for the SBUX Family and Customers

I’m having a cup of tea @starbucks at the SBUX location that started my company’s journey. I sit in quiet and look at how far DC Sweet Potato Cake has come since debuting in SBUX stores back in March. To see people buy our cake with a cup of coffee is humbling. I sat in this store in Lanham, MD back in March thinking why couldn’t I be in business with one of the most powerful companies in America. And I saw no reason  why I couldn’t. While walking in SBUX, the door reads “Coffee Brings People Together” and in short, it does. I am thankful for the SBUX family and customers who have taken a chance on a small company like ours. So grateful… #DCSweetPotatoCake #Starbucks #sbux

Interns are our future

Sitting here at the world famous Ben’s Chili Bowl meeting with our marketing interns. Not only are they creative and smart, but they are our future. DC Sweet Potato believes in passing the torch to the generation that is behind us because they are soon to replace us. Train em right!!!!

On July 4th the DC Sweet Potato Cake will launch into 283 Starbucks

On July 4th the DC Sweet Potato Cake will launch into 283 Starbucks in the DMV. This is huge for a small, minority owned bakery that had its share of struggles. I’m a testament that with the right vision, team and by listening to “his guidance”…you can make anything happen. As a business lawyer who not only advises businesses, but has several of my own..I walk in the entrepreneurial spirit. I will keep you updated on which stores.Www.dcsweetpotatocake.com...wish us luck.